Winter is coming.... May 03, 2016 12:49

Apologies for the GOT reference but today it just seems so fitting. The weather in little seaside Robe has literally pooped itself today with torrential rain and hideous winds, a sure sign of what we can expect here in the next few months.

School holidays have now finished signalling the definite end of our 'busy season' which by some extraordinary stroke of luck has this year extended almost to May. With this the street has become immediately quieter and the wandering tourists are now few and far between. 

Here at Bright Trading Co it means more opportunities to concentrate on fun things like social media posts and blogging, something that usually gets pushed to the bottom of the daily pile. So a huge yay for all of you who now get to hear more from me! 

I guess the most exciting piece of BTC news is that we are almost ready to welcome our second daughter, due in about five weeks. Honestly she could come out right now and I'd be happy but the roster is done and the plans have been made for us to be open until she literally enters the world so she'd better stay in for now. (She did attempt to say a very early hello a couple of weeks ago but thanks to some awesome medical professionals and drugs her plans were thwarted, a cheeky little one already!)

Now even though I'd like to believe I'm superwoman and that I can 'do it all' it's pretty clear that opening the shop during quiet little June/July straight after a cesarean (yes, it's elective too.....gasp!) is going to be quite difficult. So we are going to have a little time off, from June 14th until July 15th, and then reopen for limited-ish hours, approx 10am - 1pm Wednesday to Sunday. 

Of course our online store will be running during this time so anyone needing gorgeous baby bits can get their fix 24 hours of the day. We'll be offering free shipping on purchases over $80 and any locals can most definitely contact us if they need a last minute gift or outfit for their little ones, we only live a few minutes from the shop and are happy to pop down for anyone in need. 

For now we'll keep working on making our online shopping experience better and easier for all to use. We have some absolutely gorgeous Winter '16 Bebe by Minihaha and Fox & Finch clothing in store to keep your little ones toasty during this chilly weather and we aim to have it all on the website so you can shop from the warmth of your home. 

Stay tuned for a sneaky SALE on all things Bright Trading Co in the next few weeks, in store and online..... 

K x